“Where HOUSING &  COMMUNITY Meets.” 

Are you experiencing homelessness or helping someone that is
WE CAN HELP you NAVIGATE & LOCATE safe & stable Housing in 30 Days or Less by using our certified Housing Placement system.

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What is a Certified Housing Specialist?

A Certified Professional that specializes in streamlining the housing placement process for low income families with Rental Subsidies. 

What Are The Benefits of Getting Certified?

The SKY IS The Limit!

Learn a NEW unique Specialized Training on helping house the most vulnerable individuals & families! Join an Exclusive Network of Certified Alumni. 

Partner with Local Public & Private Developers!

Learn to Design Community-Oriented Housing Developments for the people by the people! Partner with local developers to help define the projects mission, garner community Input & Determine a Project's Feasibility. 

Make Your Next Move, Your Best Move & Become A Certified Housing Specialist!

The Certified Housing Placement training offers many Professional BENEFITS, like the Opportunity to Build A Business, Generate Income to provide Stability for Your Family and the Ability to Give HOPE & HOUSING to under served households experiencing homelessness.  Enjoy the perks as a Certified Housing Specialist. Join an Exclusive Network of Certified Alumni. 

Online Training Platform

The most effective Housing Placement training online. Easy to take and self-paced learning leads to increased knowledge retention.

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Be among the first to learn how to identify and locate quality affordable housing opportunities for low-income households with rental subsidies. 

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