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We help low-income households with Housing Vouchers obtain Housing in 30 Days or Less. We do this by partnering with Landlords and Housing professionals committed to helping underserved families overcome Housing Barriers. 

We are more than just a Housing Placement Firm, we offer Education & Professional Development opportunities. 
WE CAN HELP you Get Housed & Develop a Career in Housing by helping others obtain safe & stable Housing by using our Certified Housing Placement system.

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Become a Certified Housing Specialist

A Certified Professional that specializes in streamlining the housing placement process for low income families with Rental Subsidies. 

The SKY IS The Limit!

Learn to Design Community-Oriented Housing Developments for the people by the people! Partner with local developers to help define the projects mission, garner community Input & Determine a Project's Feasibility. Join an Exclusive Network with NEW Specialized Training on what it takes to house the most vulnerable individuals & families in our communities! 

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Become A Housing Business Owner Member!

Welcome to the Membership Site for Housing Business Owners across America. The Current Economy Is Going To Create The GREATEST REAL ESTATE OPPORTUNITY Of Our Lifetime And WE Are Going To Take Advantage! Want To Do It With Us? We Are Committed To Your Business Goals! We are apart of a community with the Mission to help put an END to Chronic Homelessness. We train real estate professional of all levels. From our first time investor (Landlord), property owners, to our commercial Real Estate Developer partners. 

Make Your Next Move, Your Best Move & Become A Certified Housing Specialist!

The Certified Housing Placement training offers many Professional BENEFITS, like the Opportunity to Build A Business, Generate Income to provide Stability for Your Family and the Ability to Give HOPE & HOUSING to under served households experiencing homelessness.  Enjoy the perks as a Certified Housing Specialist. Join an Exclusive Network of Certified Alumni. 

Housing Workshops

Get Access to Housing Workshops and take your results to the next level. Gain Hands on training with professionals that teach what they practice successfully. Want to become a Trainer for our Housing Workshop community? Take our Train the Trainer Housing Workshop Certification program. 

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Be among the first to learn how to identify and locate quality affordable housing opportunities for low-income households with rental subsidies. 

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