We provide Safe Stable Housing in 30 Days or less, for Low-income Households experiencing severe Housing Barriers or Chronic Homelessness


Housing Placement & Rapid Rehousing

We provide supportive services and housing placement services for households transitioning into Safe & Stable Housing. Our Access Center is also now open for clients to get assistance one-on-one! Whether for housing placement services or service referrals, we can assist.

Property Management 

Our tenant online portal makes on-time rent payments seamless. Tenants can communicate to contact us anytime and to quickly submit maintenance requests that go directly to our maintenance team. 

Housing Workshops

Housing workshops & trainings, include leadership development & collaborative sessions for individuals across all sectors – public, private, and non-profit. Join us to discuss Housing solutions, develop strategies, review best practices, and network with your peers. Also, we offer affordable, impactful workshops designed to be responsive to the needs of Resident Services professionals.

Our Master Lease Program

Introducing our Master Lease program, in which we house more families, while assisting our helpers in one take! Here are the Key Take-Aways: 

  • Housing partners:
    ~ Lease more rental units at below-market rates due to long-term lease benefits 
    ~ Tenants could engage in multiyear leases with agency

  •  Tenants:
    ~ Housing stability & safety from rent shocks as a result of multiyear leases
    ~ Cost control for tenants while retaining the flexibility of renting

  • Property owner:
    ~ Continuous rental income, leasing units to a nonprofit housing provider long-term
    ~ Safe from turnover costs

What Is A Micro-Community?

Derived from the root word “small communion”

It’s a form of SRO also known as Single Room Occupancy.

SRO units are rented out in what we call Micro-Communities that are specifically set up to maximize the safety and privacy or households seeking an affordable housing option within a multi-tenant building where tenants share a kitchen and lobby/living areas. 

Micro-Communities features a furnished or unfurnished room and private bath. Utilities are included in the rent. Resident managers are on-site and supportive resident services are also available.