Ending Homelessness
One Household at a Time

As a non-profit, donations are a major contribution to our efforts and we are so excited that you are joining our community of Givers!

In our local community, Los Angeles County, there are over 60,000 people on any given night experiencing homelessness or living in a place not meant for habitation. In California, there are over 500,000.

Section 8 Managers intentionally helps the most vulnerable individuals & families navigate and obtain affordable supportive housing opportunities - working towards the mission to put an end to chronic homelessness in the local community once and for all. 

Your donation contributes to our crusade and helps low-income households make their housing dreams a reality.



Move In Assistance


Section 8 Managers Tenants Fund

Housing Placement

Food & Nutrition


Eviction Prevention

Resident Management

Homeless Outreach


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